New Business Formation Requires A Professional Touch

New business formation can be a complicated affair for anyone unfamiliar with standard business practices. Forms must be filed in a timely matter. Accounts, projections, and reports must be accurate. At Tax Depot, we can assist any new business with a checklist of start-up services. Any business must be prepared for the day to day operations, in addition to the quarterly, yearly, or five-year goals.

At Tax Depot, our clients are immediately matched to an Account Manager. The Account Managers set up consultations with any professionals that are necessary, tax, legal, or what have you. Separation of business and personal accounts is strongly encouraged. Our consultants will help decide the business entity that is right for you, they will dictate a schedule for tax and license filings, and they can recommend any necessary or specialized third parties.

Tax Depot would like to offer its business management services to you. We have accounting, consulting, and technical services available to ensure the success of your start-up business. We have experience with many industries for your new business formation.

Services Tax Depot Performs:

– We will recommend your type of business entity.
– We can incorporate or form your business (LLC, LLP, LP, PLLC, C corp, or S corp).
– We will apply for your Employer ID Number (EIN).
– We will assist you in executing the Operating Agreement for the business.

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